Princess, knight, dragon


A very fun game that is certainly not suitable for every group… but perfect to start again with energy after the lunch break.


An old children's game in which two groups face each other and have to perform. Analog to the well-known game Paper, Rock, Scissors.


Two groups equal in size are formed. Each group secretly picks a character they want to represent (Princess, Knight or Dragon). On a count to three everyone presents their character.


Nothing is needed except a little bit of space.

The following conditions apply:

  • The Knight stabs the Dragon.
  • The Dragon eats the Princess.
  • The Princess glamours the Knight.

The two group must line up facing one another and act out the chosen character on command.

  • The Knight performs a dagger thrust with a loud “HA”.
  • The Dragon opens its mouth (is represented with both arms) and hisses loudly “ARRRGH”.
  • The Princess sweeps a curtsy and sighs “AHHHH”.

The group that has 3 points first wins the game. The players have to agree again and again which figure they will imitate. Fun is guaranteed because all the participants impersonate the figures at the same time with loud shouts.