Mental cinema


To stimulate the mind and gain new impulses for creative thinking. This energiser is suitable for entering the Ideation phase awake and activated.


This method overcomes the midday slump, activates the brain, connects synapses and makes it fit for divergent thinking.


Groups of 4 are formed. One person is in focus to answer questions, the other 3 persons arrange themselves around them asking questions back to back.


You only need some space, since everyone will speak simultaneously and it can get quite noisy.

Energisers are always helpful and should be used regularly at the beginning or after a break. It is proven to be useful to do different, fun, even silly things to stimulate the mind and gain new impulses for creative thinking.

The background of this game is that it stimulates different areas of the brain and thus activates them for later work. The organisation is a bit complicated, but it is worth it. Fun is guaranteed!


Instructions in detail:

Groups of 4 are formed.
Person 1 is standing to their left asking association questions like:

  • What is in your fridge?
  • What colour is the sun?

Person 2 is standing to their right  asking arithmetic questions like:

  • What is 5+2?
  • What is 50-7?


Person 3 is facing them making random movements and grimaces that have to be imitated.

All the questions are asked again and again at the same time and have to be answered by the person in focus at the same time. They are fully challenged and will soon work up quite a sweat.