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Our motivation is to help innovators, startups, and – soon to come – corporates around the world with our innovation journeys.

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To successfully manoeuvre pitfalls and ultimately improve your innovation processes and results.


Let’s be quite straight:

Innovation is and has always been the motor of evolution. Humanity has never faced more challenges than today. We are talking about climate change, pandemics, inequality, or poor working conditions.

Right now, we need innovation more than ever.


Looking at some statistics, innovation seems to be on the right track. From 2000 to 2019, the number of patents filed in the US has more than doubled. In Europe, this number grew by over 20% from 2010 to 2019. These are impressive numbers for sure, but they are temptingly misleading.

Over 90% of all innovation projects or startups are failing! Way too many! Innovation is still traveling the same old bumpy road: full of obstacles and pitfalls, slow, painful, demanding, tough and lonely. So, there is ROOM for improvement, and it’s time for a change. It’s time for innovation to finally arrive everywhere for everyone!

Global, Connected, Effective, Efficient, Fast — together!


While we have seen a rise in regional Innovation Hubs that foster exchange and increase innovation, nothing really matches the digital world’s pace.

That is why we provide

  • instant access to knowledge and information
  • immediate contact to peers and capital
  • an effective virtual worldwide collaboration


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Get inspired by other companies' innovation stories and learn about the pits and peaks throughout their innovation journey

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Innovation is the ticket to today's and tomorrow's economy. Learn about corporate challenges and assess your innovative potential to get this ticket.


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